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The Pottery

In a shady grove overlooking Blue Hill Bay, the Rackliffe family uses the potter's wheel and generations of talent to shape native clay into objects of real utility and charm. Their own distinctive glazes make each piece unique.

Display of Rackliffe PotteryIt's a delightful surprise to enter the shop at the top of Greene's Hill above the bay. On your right is a bright showroom filled to bursting with gleaming dishware, serving pieces and specialties like piggy banks, cheese dishes, harbor seals and whale figurines.

On your left is the massive kiln, worktables and shelves loaded with greenware (unfired clay pots), bisqueware (unglazed clay) and bisqued pots covered with raw glaze awaiting firing.

Friendly folk are there to greet you, show you what they're doing, or share a joke. Firing the kiln to over 2100 Fahrenheit makes for a cozy shop in the winter months. In summer, you can relax on the bench beneath towering trees and catch the breeze off the bay.

Visitors are always glad they heeded the invitation on the roadside sign: Rackliffe Pottery won't you stop in?

Where does our clay come from?

We begin on our family land in East Blue Hill, which has been passed down through the generations.

Over 40 years of digging all our clay from this small mound has not left much evidence:

Dennis is very happy with the quality of the raw clay! He sees bowls, plates, mugs and pitchers taking shape under his hands:

Come visit and watch us make pottery! And browse our shop full of pitchers, bowls, and pottery pieces.

Where our clay comes from